Labour Wipe-Out on Ammanford Town Council – An Historic Sign of the Times

The latest change of allegiance by a Labour councillor to Plaid Cymru means that the party is no longer represented on Ammanford Town Council – a truly historic event, as it marks the end of about a century’s domination by Labour in Carmarthenshire’s third largest town.

The Town Council is now made up of 12 Plaid Cymru and 2 Independent councillors.

Remarking on this historic development, Town and County Councillor Deian Harries said: “People who love this town see for themselves how much Plaid has achieved for our community. The only reason we exist as a party is to put our local communities and Wales first. That is attracting more and more people to join and support Plaid.”

Commenting on this radical change, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Member of the Senedd, Adam Price said: “Ammanford and the Amman Valley were a Labour stronghold for the entire time I grew up in the area. The legacy of this mining community long favoured the Labour party, as my parents, neighbours and community lived with the lasting impact of a Thatcher government.

However, times in Wales are changing, and we have seen many communities, at a very local level, vote for Plaid Cymru due to their dissatisfaction with the status quo in Wales. A Labour Government in power for a generation has let its citizens down, and these local changes are indication that people are starting to believe that we can do better. It gives me great pride to think of the Ammanford area as a new heartland for Plaid Cymru.”


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