Plaid Cymru calls for Welsh Government action on Amman Valley passenger railway

Plaid councillors in the Amman Valley have called on the Welsh Government to ensure that reopening the Amman Valley railway is formally considered as part of the feasibility study to develop a Swansea Bay and Western Valleys Metro. 

Last week, Carmarthenshire Council, at its virtual meeting, agreed to back the call to ensure that the Amman and Gwendraeth Valleys were not neglected.

The vision of developing the Metro, which could consist of re-opening railway lines, utilising light rail and buses, formed Plaid Cymru’s manifesto for the 2016 Assembly election. 

The following year, as part of a budget agreement with Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Government agreed to fund a feasibility study into its development. The result has not been published.

Glanaman Cllr Dai Jenkins stated:

“Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for a Swansea Bay and Western Valleys Metro – which would include looking at reopening railway lines in the Amman and Gwendraeth Valleys.

“We were delighted in 2017 that Plaid Cymru had secured a feasibility study into the development of the Metro and that the Welsh Government were finally realising the importance of developing public transport in South West Wales.

“Three years on from the agreement to fund a feasibility study, the Welsh Government has still not published its results. Informally, many fear that they will not look to reopen valley lines such as the Swansea, Amman and Gwendraeth Valleys.”

Brynaman Cllr Glynog Davies added:

“It is vital that the Welsh Government feasibility study includes looking at re-opening the railway lines in these valleys to assist us in developing the local economy and tourism.

“Carmarthenshire Council has today clearly called on the Welsh Government to publish the feasibility study and to ensure that the Western Valleys are not forgotten.”

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