Plaid Carmarthenshire cut Council tax increase

Despite the devastating financial impact of Covid on the council’s income and expenditure, the Plaid-led Carmarthenshire County Council’s Executive Board agreed this morning to cut the proposed council tax rise for the coming year from just under 4.9% to less than 4.5%.  

In proposing the 0.4% cut to the levy rise put forward by senior officers, Leader Cllr Emlyn Dole recognised that maintaining services and ensuring the care and support needed by individuals and communities had been a formidable task for officers. He thanked them for their professionalism and hard work.  

“For reasons of prudence and fiscal responsibility they’d proposed a council tax levy of 4.89%,” said Cllr Dole. “But given the circumstance around COVID 19 and the way so many in our county have been affected, the Executive Board agreed to re-set the council tax at 4.48%.” 

He added that in so many difficult and often tragic ways the people of Carmarthenshire have already paid a huge price. “They've shown resilience, bravery and fortitude, as well as willingness to look out for each other in so many ways,” said Cllr Dole. “We will always endeavour to the best of our ability to give the people of Carmarthenshire the support they so rightly deserve.” 

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