Plaid Council Leader Demands Labour Apology

An attack by Labour councillors on Social Care in Carmarthenshire has been called highly offensive and misleading by Plaid county council Leader, Cllr Emlyn Dole.

“For the Labour group leader, Cllr Rob James, to slam Social Care in the middle of a pandemic, when the council and its staff have pulled out all the stops to support and care for elderly and vulnerable people, is quite frankly despicable.

“The figures quoted by Cllr James are highly selective because they relate to an unprecedently difficult time when care homes were unwilling to take patients who might have contracted the virus in hospital.

“His misguided attack may cause elderly people and others who depend on social care unnecessary anxiety. It’s also likely to have a negative impact of the moral of front-line staff who are performing heroically at what must be the most difficult time of their careers.”

“I call on him to apologise unreservedly to the council and its staff for his extraordinary remarks," said Cllr Dole.

Plaid Cymru also expressed astonishment at comments made by Cllr Kevin Madge, the Labour opposition’s spokesperson for Social Care, who accused the council of complacency in caring for the elderly.

“It’s just not true. Cllr. Madge seems to forget that Plaid stopped the residential care home closure programme which happened on his watch as council Leader,” said Plaid’s Cllr Gareth John, who previously worked as a senior officer in the field of health and care.

“Far from extending the privatisation of Social Care, we’ve reversed the trend set by the previous Labour-led council, which had increased to 70% by the time Plaid took over the leadership in 2015. The percentage of in-house care hours is now increasing.

“Labour’s attack on Social Care in our county takes gutter politics to a new low. The data is highly selective and misrepresents the true situation in seeking to make a misguided political point. Also, the term ‘bed blocking’ is no longer acceptable. It’s highly offensive and belittles the patients involved.

“If Plaid Cymru’s proposed strategy of integrating health and Social Care was accepted by the Labour Welsh Government, the barrier between these two essential services would be removed,” said Cllr John.

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