Plaid Cymru welcomes extension of education consultation on Ysgol Mynyddygarreg

Consultations that are being carried out under the School Organisation Code for Wales 2018 will be extended until July 16

In a statement welcoming the extension of the education consultation on Ysgol Mynyddygarreg Helen Mary Jones MS said:

“I am delighted that the council has extended the consultation. I have worked tirelessly for my constituents on this issue. I have had a series of meetings with leading councillors asking them to consider extending the consultation, including one last Friday morning with Leader of the Council Emlyn Dole and education executive member Glynog Davies along with Councillor Jeannette Gilasbey.

“I am grateful they have listened. It is vital that the community’s voice is heard in the discussion surrounding the school’s future.

“I have sought and received assurances that this is a genuine, meaningful consultation, and I would urge people of all perspectives to take part. I believe the principle of delivering local services as close to the people as possible is a hugely important one.”

Local County Councillor Jeannette Gilasbey added:

“I've been listening to my constituents and have made repeated representations on their behalf in meetings with Senior Council Officers and Executive Board members. I've also spoken publicly in a Full Council meeting on this important matter,

"I'm incredibly pleased that the Executive Board has listened to the concerns of parents, governors by extending the consultation period. As with any fair and thorough consultation, the council is continuing to explore every possible avenue of ensuring that our children can learn and thrive in the most appropriate setting possible. As we know, the Covid crisis is having a serious effect on children's education throughout the country.

“This has been a very trying time for all concerned, and I wish to thank parents, and governors for the dignified way in which they are presenting their case."

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