Welsh Government in the slow lane for Llanelli development

Welsh Government choose to stay in the slow lane for Llanelli development

Plaid Cymru Llanelli have called on the Welsh Government to stop being in the slow lane about developing Llanelli, the calls come as Carmarthenshire County Council continues to invest in Tyisha ward.

This year the Plaid Cymru led council:

  • will be recruiting new community wardens who will patrol the Tyisha ward to help cut anti-social behaviour.
  • appoint a new project development officer to help create a new community hub to plan activities for children, young people, and the adults in the ward.
  • Started survey work on the old Copperworks School site where it is planned to build low-cost affordable family homes.Llanelli Slow Lane

Tyisha Llanelli Town Councillor Terry Davies commented: “In 2016 we were promised an economic plan for Llanelli from the Llanelli MS but almost 5 years on it is the County Council and Dafydd Llywelyn Police and Crime Commissioner have started the investment in our communities, rather than the Welsh Government.

“One of the most important pledges by Plaid Cymru’s Dafydd Llywelyn was the re-introduction of CCTV cameras in the town centre to make people feel safer walking around Llanelli.  The Welsh Government really needs to get its act together and start moving on helping other public bodies develop our town centre and the communities in the town."

Llanelli’s candidate, for May 6 Senedd election, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Economy, Transport and Tackling Poverty Minister, Helen Mary Jones MS said:

I’m pleased that the Council has given reassurances that the project to revive Tyisha is still a priority.  It is disappointing, though understandable that there have been delays due to the pandemic. People waited a great deal of time for action when Labour controlled the Council, and it has taken a Plaid Cymru-led council to get the ball rolling on the regeneration plans.”

Glanymor Llanelli Town Councillor Winston Lemon added:

As a former Plaid Cymru county councillor and now a town councillor I’ve consistently made the case for investing in our town centre. I’m pleased to see the Plaid Cymru led County Council finally listening to my calls, along with Plaid Cymru Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn.”

“Working with the local community I’ve successfully campaigned for safety barriers to be built at the roundabout at Maes y Morfa Primary School and worked hard with locals to improve and secure the future of Havelock Bowls and park. Examples of Plaid Cymru working from the grassroots up.

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