Garden Suburbs and gardening in Trimsaran with Helen Mary Jones

Helen Mary Jones, Member of the Senedd for Mid & West Wales, visited Trimsaran on Saturday for the first of many socially restricted street surgeries in the area. Ms Jones MS also donated and planted a fruit tree at Trimsaran Community Centre.

Helen Mary Jones Llanelli 

Helen Mary Jones was pleased to be accompanied by Cllr Kim Broom and seven PCSOs in Garden Suburbs. The street surgery went well and the PCSOs had an opportunity to speak to residents about crime prevention and awareness.

Topics that were most popular during the street surgery were mainly around transport, parking and roads, and Helen Mary Jones will work closely with Trimsaran County Councillor Kim Broom on following up these issues.

Her time in Trimsaran ended with Helen Mary Jones planting a plum tree outside the Community Centre as part of a local tree planting and food growing scheme, Ms Jones highlighted the importance of trees and other nature-based solutions as part of flood defence work and climate mitigation, locally, nationally and globally; but there is nowhere better to start than in our own backyards.

Helen Mary Jones said:

“As much as I enjoyed planting the plum tree as part of the wider fruit-tree planting initiative, I want it to also be a symbol of the important role we can all play in community resilience. I hope all the trees go on to provide fruit for the village but planting the right trees and plants in the right areas can also help with flooding.

We can all see how extreme weather changes are happening more frequently and flooding is devastating the lives of more and more people every year. Bad planning and housing developments only add to the problem, we need to stop pouring concrete and start planting better.

We can solve these problems if we work together and work with nature, not against it. This is an area I am passionate about and I see action around climate change as an opportunity to bring communities together. Our futures can be built on a green recovery, a green economy.” 

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